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Cobalt is an action game of running, jumping, rolling, shooting, throwing, dancing, hacking, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, piñata-ing, passing, scoring… and even more rolling! Play cooperatively with friends or defeat your enemies in a death match, loot match, race match, or Capture the Plug matches. (Or one of the other game modes, of course!)

Featured Video

Cobalt gameplay trailer 201501:01

Cobalt gameplay trailer 2015

Metalface MK1

Metalface MK1 a highly reliable cyborg for long missions with low chance of succcess. Loved for its upstanding morale, positive attitude and charming eyes!

Brains Eligible

  • Aged 15-95 years
  • Both male and female!
  • Mentally healthy

» Bodily shortcomings not a problem!

Pre-order Alpha

Good reasons to pre-order:

  • Alpha access! (Windows Only!)
  • Support the continued development of Cobalt!
  • Cheaper than release!
  • Pre-order from:



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