Movement controlsEdit

- Jump (Hold - Auto-aim)
- Crouch/Slide (Hold - Auto-aim)
- Move right
- Move left
- Roll

- Use scope (If installed)/Auto aim

Weapon controlsEdit

- Select/toggle melee weapons.
- Select/toggle ranged weapons.
- Select/toggle throwable weapons.

Holding down any of the above will reload the selected weapon, and bring up a small weapon selection graphic.

- Fire

Other controlsEdit

Playing Cobalt using gaming controllers is way easier than via keyboard. By now, you can play using two different types of controllers:

Normal controller:

Button 3 - Jump

Button 1 - Shoot

Button 2 - Select ranged weapons

Button 5 - Select melee weapons

Button 4 - Select throwable weapons

Button 7 - Roll

Xbox 360 controller:

RT - Shoot

LT - Roll

LB - Buy weapons (Survival only)

RB - Throw grenades

Left Stick - Movement

A - Jump

B - Select throwable weapons

X - Select melee weapons

Y - Select ranged weapons

Select - Change from "Peace mode" to "Attack Mode"

Start - Navigate through menus

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