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Metalface MK1 is a highly reliable cyborg for long missions with low chance ofsuccess. Loved for its upstanding morale, positive attitude and charming eyes!

You are Metalface your friends are Metalface bots are Metalface.

Main Character

You, the main character, are a human brain within a robot shell who is part of an exploration team from earth collecting organic objects and exploring livable planets throughout the universe.


Metalface in Survival House

Brains Eligible:Edit
  • Aged 15-95 years
  • Both male and female!
  • Mentally healthy*
  • » Bodily shortcomings not a problem!
Package Includes:Edit
  • Memory wipe of past life! (Optional)
  • A guaranteed adventure!
  • A second chance!

The following voids warranty:

  • Rolling
  • Use of jet shoes indoors
  • Changing radio channel
  • Utilizing jet bikes
  • Compressing leg joints
  • Unsanctioned tapping of the feet
  • Walking against conveyour belts
  • Using the Sloth-Grip™ hands for Climbing
  • Using the Sloth-Grip™ hands to hold lemons
  • Throwing boomerangs
  • Opening the eye-utility hatches

Version HistoryEdit

Alpha - Introduced.