An official release date has not been set although a recent post on Mojang's blog stated that pre-orders are around the next bend.[1]

Pre-Order Information Edit

Also on the blog post (Posted: Dec. 12, 2011), Carl mentioned that the pre-order system along with the development process would work the same way as Minecraft's did (Mojang's previous game.)[1]

An article on the Edge publication's website says that Mojang unofficially is trying for a release on Friday (Dec.16, 2011)[2]

Predetermined ProcessEdit

  • Alpha
    • Hot seat multiplayer
    • Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
    • Introducing the level editor
    • Windows only
  • Beta
    • Fully functional level editor
    • Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
    • Introducing in-game level sharing
    • Introducing more editors
    • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Gold – Feature complete game includes:
    • All editors fully functional
    • In-game level sharing
    • Completed main campaign
    • Hot seat multiplayer


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